Cooperation with the Industry

Industrial R&D

Scientific knowledge is all the more valuable if it can be applied in practice. Our KPIs reflect this and we invest a lot of time and energy in working with our industry partners. So far, we have formalized collaboration with Continental's R&D Center in Novi Sad, and more such partnerships with major technology and IT companies are in the pipeline.


IP protection and commercialization

One of the distinguishing features of AI as a discipline is a quick turnaround between research and commercial applications. As we learn and discover new AI science and its applications, we will patent our key discoveries and look for ways to commercialize them through licensing, start-ups, and spin-offs.


Knowledge transfer and dissemination

One of the ways the Institute plans to fulfill its mission of helping Serbia capture a significant share of the global market for AI-based products and services is by disseminating knowledge and helping existing companies enter this market. We will do this through seminars and workshops with interested companies and individuals.